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The Complete History of the Nebraska Tax Equity
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The final year of Governor Ben Nelson's administration and the first year of Governor Mike Johanns' administration would both be remembered for significant legislation concerning public education.

Continuing with the mission toward accountability, Governor Nelson would propose to further reduce the base spending limitation for schools.  His first successful attempt at spending control came in 1995 through the passage of LB 613.  His second attempt, in his last year as Governor, would also prove successful.  Without intervention by the Legislature, school districts were expecting to have the old "1059" spending limits reinstated following the sunset of provisions imposed under LB 299 (1996).  This would not happen.

The year 1998 also marked the first year for implementation of the levy limits imposed under LB 1114 (1996), but technical and substantive problems with the levy lids had already been discovered.  The Legislature would wrangle with multiple changes to the levy limit laws in 1998 and 1999.  One of the most pressing issues before the Legislature in 1998 would correct an error in drafting that would otherwise prohibit a district from attempting to exceed the levy lid in the first year of implementation.

In 1999, the Legislature would make Governor Johanns' debut as Governor a nightmare to remember.  The issue was guaranteed funding for schools under the state aid formula, and the pain experienced by Governor Johanns was equal only to the joy felt by school officials for the vote of confidence afforded to them by the Legislature over the Governor's objections.


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