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Committee on Education

February 10, 1997

Page 102


DOLORES RADER:  Thank you for letting me be here.


SENATOR BOHLKE:  Anyone else wishing to testify in opposition? Neutral testimony? I see none, then that closes the hearing on LB 680 and I'll turn it over to Senator McKenzie as I open on LB 713.


LB 713


SENATOR McKENZIE:  Senator Bohlke.


SENATOR BOHLKE:  Senator McKenzie, members of the Education Committee, for the record, my name is Ardyce Bohlke, State Senator from District 33.  1 will practice what I preach in being brief in bringing you LB 713 which changes the deadline of certification of state aid up to December 1 from July 1, beginning with aid to be paid in the 1977-1998 (sic) school year.  Schools should love this.  The State Department of Education will abide by it.  That's it.


SENATOR McKENZIE:  Thank you, Senator.  Any questions from the committee? I see none.


SENATOR BOHLKE:  I'll waive closing.


SENATOR McKENZIE:  Waive closing.  Anyone wishing to testify in support of LB 713?


VIRGIL HORNE:  Name is Virgil Horne, Lincoln Public Schools.  The first year I started lobbying I went out to Senator Wickersham to visit with him and he said, if you ever bring us a bill that all of education will support we'll get it passed.  This is it, Senator.  Be glad to respond to any questions.


SENATOR WICKERSHAM:  I move we go into Executive Session.  (laughter)


SENATOR McKENZIE:  You're out of order, Senator.  Thank you, Virgil.


VIRGIL HORNE:  Thank you.


SENATOR McKENZIE:  Other proponents?


Committee on Education

February 10, 1997

Page 103


JOHN BONAIUTO:  Madam Chairman, members of the committee, the School Board Association stands in support of this concept.  We have been trying to address school board members' concerns about making decisions in the dark, if you will, looking at the budget cycle, not knowing what their state aid certification and final numbers would be until mid-June when the reduction-in-force date is April 15 and so, for the longest time, not being able to come up with a better idea, we had this notion that we needed to move that reduction-in-force date to some time later or after the session.  By certifying the state aid earlier, we will address that issue.  And we think that it makes for better budget preparation and better decisions by the board and the administration, so we urge your support.  Thank you.


SENATOR McKENZIE:  Thank you.  Any questions from the committee? Don't see any.  Anyone else wishing to testify in support? Anyone wishing to testify in opposition.  Here's where we really check it.  Okay.  Anyone in a neutral position? Senator Bohlke has waived closing.  That will close the hearing on LB 713.


SENATOR BOHLKE:  And I definitely get the prize.


SENATOR McKENZIE:  Triple A plus, Senator Bohlke.


SENATOR BOHLKE:  LB 809, Senator Landis.




SENATOR BOHLKE:  Laurel, is Senator Landis on his way?


LAUREL MARSH:  No, he's not.  I'm here (inaudible).


SENATOR BOHLKE:  Oh, never mind.  Sorry, here we told you a six o'clock...