Bill Summary, LB 347 (1997)


In 1996 legislation was introduced to re-codify Chapter 79 of the Nebraska Revised Statutes, which embodies the bulk of all public education-related laws.  The purpose of the recodification effort was to reorganize existing law, without making too many substantive changes, in order to provide a more logical order of various articles and sections of law.  The 1996 recodification package actually included four bills:  LB 900 (1996), LB 1014 (1996), LB 1015 (1996), and LB 1016 (1996).  The first of these bills, LB 900, contained the overall structural changes in terms of renumbering articles and sections along with some minor, technical revisions to existing law.  LB 1014, LB 1015, and LB 1016, on the other hand, embodied some of the more substantive changes to various statutes.  Only LB 900 would successfully traverse through the legislative process and pass into law in 1996.


At the start of the 1997 Session there was unfinished business as it related to the recodification process.  Accordingly, LB 345 (1997) was introduced to incorporate the original provisions of LB 1015 (1996).  LB 346 (1997) was introduced to incorporate most of the original provisions of LB 1016 (1996).  And LB 347 (1997) was introduced to incorporate the original provisions of LB 1014 (1996).  Only two of the bills, LB 345 and LB 347, would actually amend various parts of the school finance formula.