Debate Transcripts

LB 345 (1997)

General File

February 6, 1997


PRESIDENT ROBAK:  LB 137 advances.  LB 345.


CLERK:  (LB) 345, introduced by Senator Bohlke.  (Read title.) Introduced on January 14, referred to the Education Committee, advanced to General File.  There are committee amendments pending.




PRESIDENT ROBAK:  The Chair recognizes Senator Bohlke to open on the bill.


SENATOR BOHLKE:  Yes, Madam President and members.  The next two bills are the trailer bills produced from the recodification process that we did last session that resulted in LB 900 in 1996, which was passed and signed by the Governor.  This first one deals mainly with unifying terminology on school boards, distinguishing between permanent and temporary school boards...  school funds, excuse me, and making terminology on legal voters consistent.  And that's what the main part of the bill does.  The committee amendment is very technical in its corrections.  The first amendment strikes the qualification of present from "present and voting" for determining the majority in special elections to extend the Class VI grade offerings pursuant to Section 79-411.  The second amendment clarifies that public districts and school districts are public school districts in the Permanent and Temporary School Fund definitions.  The amendment also clarifies that the funds in the temporary school fund will be distributed annually.  And the third amendment cleans up the language regarding the investment, of monies collected pursuant to special levies pursuant to Section 79-10,101.


PRESIDENT ROBAK:  Thank you, Senator Bohlke.  Senator Bohlke, there are committee amendments.  Do you wish to speak further on the committee amendment?


SENATOR BOHLKE:  No, those are the two together, the committee amendment and the bill.


PRESIDENT ROBAK:  Thank you, Senator Bohlke.  The question before the body is the adoption of the committee amendments.  All those in favor vote aye; all those opposed vote nay.  Have you all voted? Please record.


CLERK:  25 ayes, 0 nays on adoption of committee amendments.


PRESIDENT ROBAK:  The committee amendments are adopted.  Is there any discussion on the advancement of LB 345? Seeing none, Senator Bohlke to close.  Closing is waived.  The question




before the body is the advancement of LB 345.  All those in favor vote aye; all those opposed vote nay.  Please record.


CLERK:  25 ayes, 0 nays on the advancement of 345.


PRESIDENT ROBAK:  LB 345 advances.  While the Legislature is in session and capable of transacting business, I propose to sign and do hereby sign LBs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 13, 21, 22, 29, 34, 35, 57, 67, and LR 72.  LB 347.