Debate Transcripts

LB 342 (1997)

General File

February 7, 1997


PRESIDENT ROBAK:  LB 97 advances.  LB 342.


ASSISTANT CLERK:  LB 342 was introduced by Senators Warner and Bohlke.  (Read title.) The bill was read for the first time on January 14 of this year, referred to the Revenue Committee.  That committee reports it to General File with no amendments.


PRESIDENT ROBAK:  The chair recognizes Senator Bohlke to open on the bill.


SENATOR BOHLKE:  Yes, Madam President and members.  LB 342 provides a procedure for correcting adjusted valuations for purposes of 1059.  Under the bill, and school district or county official would be allowed to file the property tax adjustment ...  would be allowed to file with the Property Tax Administrator a request to change the adjusted valuation if there was a mistake made due to clerical error.  Now, the reason it has an emergency clause is that is precisely what happened in Adams County, that there was an error made in the placing of the valuation in the incorrect school district, and so we need to do this with the emergency clause to allow that correction to be made.  I'll answer any questions you may have.




PRESIDENT ROBAK:  Thank you, Senator Bohlke.  Is there any discussion on the advancement of LB 342?  Seeing none, Senator Bohlke to close.  Closing is waived.  The question before you is the advancement of LB 342.  All those in favor vote aye; all those opposed vote nay.  Please record.


ASSISTANT CLERK:  27 ayes, 0 nays on the motion to advance the bill.


PRESIDENT ROBAK:  LB 342 advances.  LB 489.


ASSISTANT CLERK:  LB 489 was introduced by Senators Hartnett, Bruning, Pedersen, Preister, Will, and Withem.  (Read title.) The bill was read for the first time on January 17th, referred to the Revenue Committee.  They report the bill to General File with no committee amendments.


PRESIDENT ROBAK:  The chair recognizes Senator Hartnett to open on the bill.


SENATOR HARTNETT:  Madam Chairman, members of the body, this is like a lot of other measures this morning; was LB 1253 but got stopped by the process.  In 1978, with the passage of LB 73, Douglas County has been authorized to create and operate a Land Utilization Authority for the purpose of managing, selling, transferring, and otherwise disposing of tax delinquent land which has gone through a process of tax foreclosure.  The Land Utilization Authority has served an effective and economic tool that can assist the county in returning foreclosed property to a useful purpose.  This legislation would extend that original grant of authority, which is limited to counties which have a population in excess of 350,000 people, to all counties.  And it's just permissive legislation, thus allowing other counties to take advantage of this same opportunity.  Because of the fact that the counties have...  are constituted differently in terms of county size and the relationship between the county and city and other political subdivisions, the law would authorize the authority to have more than three members, the current limit, although not more than seven members and would require the county board to provide representatives on the authority at their request from cities and school districts other than the most populous in which may exist in the county.  Without