Floor Transcripts

LB 271 (1997)

Final Reading

May 30, 1997


SPEAKER WITHEM:  All in favor say aye.  Opposed.  It is advanced.  Mr. Clerk, LB 271.


CLERK:  Mr. President, 271, Senator Kristensen would move to return the bill for specific amendment.


SENATOR KRISTENSEN:  Thank you, Mr. President, members of the Legislature.  I would ask the body, this is the motor vehicle fee bill.  This is not the substantive changes.  I want to tell the body first of all, I promised that we would have a forum and a briefing for people.  That briefing will be Monday at one o'clock.  You should get a notice today dealing with the motor vehicle bill, its substance, some of the changes, and how it works.  And Revenue Committee staff will be there, as well as the-Property Tax Administrator, to talk about methodology, estimated fiscal impacts, and so on.  You will get a note today.  However, right now, Senator put an amendment on at the very last stage of debate, I think that was Senator Withem.  Because of Senator Withem's amendment there need to be some cleanup work done, not of all of it his doing, but the bill needs to be changed in a couple of short ways.  One of those is there is an incorrect reference that we need to make on the dealer plate, just an internal correction that needs to be made now.  We have to lower, because the Withem amendment changed the percentages of tax collected, we have to lower the estimates now to the political subdivisions.  So we make that correction to reflect his amendment.  Also when we did that, on certain things, like cabin trailers, motorcycles and trailers, other than semi's, when we made that reduction some of those became an 80 percent reduction.  We need to bring those up so they're a little more in line with what the cars were.  That is not a big deal, but it's a deal to make it fairly consistent.  It was an unintended consequence.  The other is that for motorcycles we found out




that we're able to have their manufacturer suggested retail prices, so we've broken those down to make them more like cars, in terms of that there's a series of $2,000 increments of brackets.  And we begin that tax at 25, for the cheapest ones, and up to 250, otherwise we would take all the motorcycles way down to $40.  That wasn't the intention, it was the intention to .treat them like motor vehicles.  And so, with that, I would urge....  This is a cleanup, primarily, and to make it consistent and conform with the amendment we did on Select File.  I would ask the body to return it, and then on Monday again remind you that there will be a briefing at one o'clock, and you should have memos in your offices today to reflect that.  I'd ask the body to return the bill to make these cleanup changes.


SPEAKER WITHEM:  Senator, there are no further lights on, would you....  Closing is waived.  Question is the return of LB 271 to Select File.  All in favor vote aye, opposed vote nay.  Record.


CLERK:  30 ayes, 0 nays, Mr. President, on motion to return the bill.


SPEAKER WITHEM:  The bill is returned.  Senator Kristensen, to open.  (AM2564 appears on page 2463 of the Legislative Journal.)


SENATOR KRISTENSEN:  Thank you, Mr. President.  I would just renew my comments I made in the motion to return for specific amendment.  I'd urge the adoption of the amendment.


SPEAKER WITHEM:  The question is, shall LB, 271 ...  shall the Kristensen amendment, 2564, be adopted?  All in favor vote aye., opposed vote nay.  Record.


CLERK:  31 ayes, 0 nays, Mr. President, on the adoption of the Select File amendment.


SPEAKER.  WITHEM:  The amendment is adopted.  Senator Bruning


SENATOR BRUNING:  Mr. President, I move LB, 271 to E & R for engrossing.


SPEAKER WITHEM:  You've heard the motion.  All of those in favor say aye.  Opposed.  It is readvanced.  Mr. Clerk, LB