Bill Summary, LB 272 (1999)


LB 272 eliminates the office of county superintendent of public instruction and replaces it with an optional office of county school administrator.  Existing duties are eliminated or transferred, except that some duties may be continued by the county school administrator.  Most of the duties are transferred to county clerks, county treasurers, and school district officials.  This measure is essentially the same as LB 1217 from 1998.  LB 1217 was not passed into law.


1.    Elimination of Office:  LB 272 eliminates the office of the county superintendent by July 1, 2000.  Prohibits counties from discontinuing the elected office of the county superintendent prior to June 30, 2000.


2.    Records:  Records in the office of county superintendent will be transferred to the county clerk.


3.    County School Administrator:  The old office is replaced with the optional office of county school administrator.  County board may contract with qualified individual to continue functions of county school administrator.


4.    Reorganization Committees:  County reorganization committees are repealed.


i.        State reorganization committee is assigned the duties and responsibilities of the former county reorganization committee in the reorganization/unification process.


ii.       The State Board of Education is authorized to adopt rules and regulations for the State Reorganization Committee.


5.    Transfer of Duties:  Additional responsibilities for school district superintendents:


i.       Certificates allowing an individual under age 16 to work will be filed with school superintendents effective September, 1999.


ii.     Superintendent will receive list of students enrolled in public, private, denominational, or parochial schools effective September, 1999.


iii.    Superintendent will compare list to census information for compulsory attendance requirements.


iv.    Teachers and administrators will register certificates with superintendents of school district.


v.     Superintendent will have the authority to endorse certificates.


vi.    Superintendent of a primary high school district will be responsible for receiving application for work permit for individual aged 14 to 16.