Debate Transcripts

LB 989 (1998)

Final Reading

April 2, 1998


... before the body is the advancement of LB 1162A. All those in favor say aye. Those opposed say nay. It is advanced. We'll next move to Final Reading. Senators, would you please take your seats so we can begin Final Reading. Members, please have a seat. Mr. Clerk, LB, 989.


CLERK: Mr. President, Senator Chambers would move to return for purposes of striking the enacting clause.


SPEAKER KRISTENSEN: Senator Chambers, you're recognized to open on your motion.


SENATOR CHAMBERS: Mr. Speaker and members of the Legislature, I have one of these motions on every bill which is on Final Reading, and I did it for a particular reason. Not necessarily that I have any negative feelings towards some of these bills, although I do, but I did not like the constitutional provision that was put on the ballot and supported by a slim majority of the public allowing us to do away with Final Reading, in effect, the at-large reading of the bills. So I had to figure, how can I make the senators see that it would be more advantageous to go ahead and read these bills than not? The only way I can consume more time than would be consumed in reading the bills is to have a good discussion of every bill that's on Final Reading. We're at the point in the session now where most of the work that needs to be done and moved to a certain stage of consideration has been accomplished. So now other, lesser fish can be fried. And this is one of those lesser fish, and I'm deciding whether I ought to go ahead and pursue that issue this morning, or wait until even a little deeper in the session, so that nobody will get the idea that this is a ploy to stop any of these bills from being enacted. So what I'm going to do is ... I believe we have to take a vote on each bill to see whether we suspend the at-large reading. The Chair will not comment, but can just nod, if that's true. The vote to suspend would be on each bill? Okay, so I'm going to see whether or not you all are willing to at least deny that motion on the first bill, so that it can be read. Then you will have given me my trade-off, and I'll pull my motion off every other bill that's on here. I don't think 989 is too long a bill, but we'll just see what happens. I've explained what my motivation is, and I'm...I've always been opposed to not reading the bills. And whenever I am on the




floor and aware that this vote is being taken to suspend the rule, not to suspend the rule, but vote to suspend at-large reading of a bill, I've always voted no; I will continue to do so. But I had not utilized the tactic to try to counteract that action, so I'll just see what happens. And if I take my lumps on this one, then I'm prepared to just go on and take my lumps, right on down through the list. In the meantime, I will pull that motion at this point.


SPEAKER KRISTENSEN: Our first vote will be to suspend the at-large reading, pursuant to Rule 6, Section 8, of LB 989e. All those in favor of suspending the Final Reading vote (sic) vote aye; all those opposed vote nay. Have you all voted who care to? Please record.


CLERK: 23 ayes, 8 nays to dispense with Final Reading.


SPEAKER KRISTENSEN: The Final Reading is not suspended.


Members, please be in your seats. Mr. Clerk, LB 989e.


CLERK: (Read LB 989 on Final Reading.)


SPEAKER KRISTENSEN: All provisions of law relative to procedure having been complied with, the question is, shall LB, 989 with the emergency clause pass? All those in favor vote aye; all those opposed vote nay. Have you all voted who care to? Please record.


CLERK: (Read record vote as found on pages 1676-77 of the Legislative Journal.) 39 ayes, 5 nays, 2 present and not voting, 3 excused and not voting.


SPEAKER KRISTENSEN: LB 989, with the emergency clause, passes. LB 1010, Mr. Clerk.


CLERK: Senator Chambers would move to return the bill.




SENATOR CHAMBERS: Mr. Speaker end members of the Legislature, I withdraw that motion on this bill and all the other bills that I have placed a motion on.