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LB 840 (1995)

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April 27, 1995


CLERK:  (Roll call vote taken.  See page 1898 of the Legislative Journal.) 36 ayes, 3 nays on the amendment.


SENATOR BERNARD-STEVENS:  The amendment is agreed to.  Senator Maurstad, you're recognized.


SENATOR MAURSTAD:  We're on the bill, right?  Thank you, Senator Bernard-Stevens.  I wanted to....


SENATOR BERNARD-STEVENS:  Senator Maurstad, if you'd go ahead and make the motion first, and then we'll go ...  then we'll open that up.  That's what I recognized you for.  I'm sorry.


SENATOR MAURSTAD:  You're not going to turn my light off, are you?  Oh, that's good.  In that case, I'll move to advance LB 860 to E & R for engrossment.


SENATOR BERNARD-STEVENS:  That is a debatable motion.  The call is raised.  Senator Robinson, you're recognized first, followed by Senator Maurstad.  Senator Robinson waives off.  Senator Maurstad.


SENATOR MAURSTAD:  Thank you, Mr. President.  I just wanted to raise a similar concern that I brought up on General File relative to Internet and looking at it from...  or technology, telecommunications and looking at it from a perspective of funding it through our educational system.  And I still believe that a better process would be to look at this more globally, more community wide because there are certainly many aspects of our communities that need to tap in on technology as we move forward.  I'm not going to take a lot of time, wanted to express that concern again that I think we're being too narrow in our approach, and I would be more supportive of a more general application of information technology within all segments of our individual communities.  Thank you.


SENATOR BERNARD-STEVENS:  Thank you, Senator Maurstad.  There being no other lights, the motion has been made for the advancement of LB 860 to E & R.  All those in favor say aye.  Opposed.  It appears the ayes have it.  The ayes do have it, the bill is advanced.  Mr. Clerk, items for the record?  We move to the next bill on the list, which would be LB 840.


CLERK:  Mr. President, 840, Senator, I have E & R amendments




first of all.




SENATOR MAURSTAD:  ...  adopt the E & R amendments to LB 840.


SENATOR BERNARD-STEVENS:  Motion for adoption of E & R amendments.  All those in favor say aye.  Opposed.  Theayes have it, the amendments are adopted.  Senator Maurstad.


CLERK:  Mr...


SENATOR BERNARD-STEVENS:  Excuse me, Mr. Clerk, is there an amendment?


CLERK:  Yes, sir, there is.  Mr. President, Senator Bohlke has an amendment printed but a note you want to withdraw floor amendment 89 and offer AM1553, Senator?


SENATOR BOHLKE:  That's correct.  Wait, excuse me.  Are those Senator Bernard-Stevens' amendments or...


CLERK:  AM1553 has your name on it, Senator Bernard-Stevens and Senator Wickersham.  (Amendment appears on page 1899 of the Legislative Journal.)


SENATOR BOHLKE:  I think that's Senator Bernard-Stevens'.




SPEAKER WITHEM:  Chair would first of all, wait for Senator Bernard-Stevens to get to his microphone, recognize a guest of Senator Kristensen, 34 eighth graders and their teacher from Axtell High School in Axtell, Nebraska.  Please stand and be recognized.  Senator Bernard-Stevens.


SENATOR BERNARD-STEVENS:  Thank you, Mr. Speaker, members of the body.  This is the amendment that Senator Jones actually...  Senator Bohlke and I and Senator Wickersham were talking about earlier in discussion of 840 on General File, and that was a sunset clause or sunset date.  This amendment then would sunset the bill in the year 2005.  But I wanted to also say for those that would be concerned, for any school district that would reorganize, decide to reorganize in 2005, they still would have three-year period of which they would be exempt, and




then it would ratchet down to the zero percentage point.  so this simply says to those school districts that we want you to consider it, if this is a carrot for you to help you on reorganization, please take advantage, but it's not a window that will be open forever.  And so Senator Bohlke, Senator Wickersham and I have offered this amendment, and I urge its adoption.


SPEAKER WITHEM:  Any discussion?  Seeing none, closing is waived.  Question is the adoption of the amendment.  All in favor vote aye, opposed vote nay.  Record.


CLERK:  26 ayes, 0 nays, Mr. President, on the adoption of Senator Bernard-Stevens' amendment.


SPEAKER WITHEM:  The Bernard-Stevens amendment is adopted.  Anything further?


CLERK:  Senator Bohlke, I have a note you want to withdraw AM1383, Senator.


SPEAKER WITHEM:  It is withdrawn.


CLERK:  Madam President, or Mr. President, excuse me, Senator Bohlke would move to amend with AM1475.  (Amendment appears on page 1608 of the Legislative Journal.)


SPEAKER WITHEM:  Senator Bohlke.


SENATOR BOHLKE:  Mr. President, members, this amendment simply is a technical amendment that prevents the bill from affecting any payments that have already been made to school districts.


SPEAKER WITHEM:  Okay, thank you, Senator Bohlke.  Any discussion of the Bohlke amendment?  There appears to be none, Senator Bohlke.  Would you like to close?  She closes...  she waives closing or closes waving, one or the other.  The question is the adoption of the Bohlke amendment.  All in favor vote aye, opposed vote nay.  Record.


CLERK:  28 ayes, 0 nays on the adoption of Senator Bohlke's amendment.


SPEAKER WITHEM:  The amendment is adopted.  Anything further, Mr. Clerk?




CLERK:  Nothing further on the bill, Mr. President.


SPEAKER WITHEM:  Senator Maurstad.


SENATOR MAURSTAD:  Mr. Speaker, I'd move to advance LB 840 to E & R for engrossment.


SPEAKER WITHEM:  Senator Wesely.


SENATOR WESELY:  Thank you, Mr. Speaker, members, I apologize to Senator Bernard-Stevens and Senator Bohlke, but the brief, like I say, very brief explanation of the amendments and quick vote, could I ask Senator Bohlke to yield to describe both amendments and their impact.


SPEAKER WITHEM:  Senator Bohlke, would you respond to the question?


SENATOR BOHLKE:  Yes, I will.  The first amendment that sets the sunset date at the year 2005 allows school districts five years to implement it, but recognizing before they even do that there is time that has to be done to possibly do some community planning, to do an efficiency study, all of those things.  And so as Senator Bernard-Stevens stated, we're making a statement that this does not ...  this opportunity does not go on forever, but that it clearly is a set amount of time, and if school districts want to take advantage they have to start planning and moving in that direction.  So it's a ten-year time span.


SENATOR WESELY:  And the other amendment?


SENATOR BOHLKE:  And the other amendment prevents the bill from affecting payments that have already been made to school districts.  And it has ...  there was a technical amendment that said we had to change it from affect to ...  or from effect to affect.  Would you like me to explain that?


SENATOR WESELY:  Nope, that's fine, thank you.


SPEAKER WITHEM:  Thank you, Senator Wesely.  Any further discussion?  Question before the body is, shall LB 840 be advanced to E & R for engrossing?  All in favor vote aye, opposed....  All those in favor vote aye.  opposed.  it is advanced.  Mr. Clerk, LB 399.  Let's do 840A, instead.