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LB 542 (1995)

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April 13, 1995


CLERK:  Mr. President, LB 542, E & R amendments have been adopted.  Senator Bohlke had offered an amendment; Senator Beutler had moved to emend that amendment.  Those amendments are pending.


SENATOR BEUTLER:  I would wish to withdraw my amendment to the amendment.


SPEAKER WITHEM:  The amendment is withdrawn.  Senator Bohlke.


SENATOR BOHLKE:  Yes, Mr. Clerk, I also would wish to withdraw my amendment.


SPEAKER WITHEM:  It is withdrawn.  Anything else pending?


CLERK:  Nothing further on the bill, Mr. President.


SPEAKER WITHEM:  Senator Pedersen, your light is on.  Did you wish to discuss this?  Senator Maurstad.


SENATOR MAURSTAD:  Yes, Mr. Speaker.  I would move to advance LB 542 to E & R for engrossing.


SPEAKER WITHEM:  You've heard the motion.  All in favor say aye.  Opposed.  The bill is advanced.  LB 609.