Bill Summary, LB 76 (1994)


Passage of LB 76 brings an ongoing legislative project to a conclusion.  The bill adopts the Election Act which is a rewrite of Nebraska’s election laws (Chapter 32) and is an attempt to resolve problems with the current election process, harmonize language and procedures, and promote uniformity in the election process throughout the state.


Among its many provisions, LB 76:


    Restricts the use of voter registration lists and provides a warning for misuse;


    Allows persons unable to go to the polls on election day to cast an absentee ballot;


    Prohibits special elections within 30 days before or 60 days after a regular election;


    Restricts the use of initials for petition purposes;


    Allows defeated primary candidates to petition on the ballot if a vacancy exists; and


    Authorizes homeless persons to use the county clerk’s office as an address for voter registration purposes.


Provisions of LB 1143 were added to the bill by amendment.  LB 1143, known as the “Motor-Voter” bill, implements the National Voter Registration Act of 1993.  The bill allows people to register to vote while getting their drivers’ licenses and adds voter registration services at the Department of Public Institutions, the Department of Social Services, and the State Department of Education.


A key component to the advancement of LB 76 to Final Reading was the removal of a provision which required natural resources districts to more closely follow the “one person, one vote” principle by requiring a representation ratio of two-to-one on district governing boards.  (That provision was added as an amendment on General File.)


LB 76 passed 39-2 and was approved by the Governor on April 15, 1994.