Chronology, LB 76 (1994)
Introduced by Withem, Baack, Schimek
Date Action Journal
07-Jan-93 Read first time 78
11-Jan-93 Referred to Committee on Government, Military and Veterans Affairs 123
11-Jan-93 Schimek name added 149
10-Feb-93 Notice of hewing (2117) 588
10-Mar-93 Withem motion to place, on General File laid over 966
19-Mar-93 Speaker priority bill 1115
07-Apr-93 Withem pending motion p. 966 withdrawn 1437
27-Apr-93 Attorney General's Opinion #93031 to Witek 1699
28-Apr-93 Placed on General File - Com AM1741 (printed separate) 1805
05-Jan-94 Title 4
13-Jan-94 Robinson and Moore names added 335
18-Jan-94 Withem AN0080 to committee AM1741 printed 358
19-Jan-94 Committee AM1741 p. 1805, First Session, adopted. Pirsch AM2765 lost. Advanced for Review 370
02-Feb-94 Placed on Select File - AM5649 (printed separate) 574
10-Feb-94 Attorney General's Opinion #94008 to Witek 672
15-Feb-94 Kristensen AW782 printed 738
23-Feb-94 Schimek priority bill 821
01-Mar-94 Schimek AM3375 printed separate 938
01-Mar-94 Withem AM3376 printed 940
02-Mar-94 Preister AM3170 printed. Schimek AM3044 printed separate 962
03-Mar-94 Avery-Vrtiska-Fisher AM3529 printed 1009
08-Mar-94 Bender AM3573 printed 1021
08-Mar-94 Withem, AM3601 printed 1037
08-Mar-94 Withem AM3602 printed 1038
16-Mar-94 Withem. AM3801 to AM3529 printed 1248
16-Mar-94 Withem. AM3802, AM3803, and AM3804 to AM3529 printed 1249
16-Mar-94 Hall AM3712 to AM3573 printed 1263
17-Mar-94 AM5649 (E & R) adopted. Withem pending AM2080 p. 358, AM3376 p. 940, and Avery-Vitiska-Fisher pending AM3529 p. 1009 withdrawn. Schimek pending AM3375 p. 938, Preister pending AM3170 p. 962, and Bender pending AM3573 p. 1021 adopted. Kristensen pending AM2782 p. 738 and Withem pending AM3601 p. 1037 lost 1269
17-Mar-94 Avery AM3846 printed 1282
17-Mar-94 Avery-Fisher AM3852 printed 1288
23-Mar-94 Withem AM3878 to AM3852 printed 1369
24-Mar-94 Withem pending AM3602 p. 1038, AM3801 p. 1248, AM3802, AM3803, AM3804 p. 1249 withdrawn. Hall pending AM3712 p. 1263 and Schimek pending AM3044 p. 962 adopted 1420
25-Mar-94 Avery pending AM3846 p. 1282 and Withem pending AM3878 p. 1369 withdrawn. Avery Fisher pending AM3852 p. 1288 sustained division of question. Avery-Fisher FA464 and remaining portions of AM3852 withdrawn. Withem FA470 withdrawn. Schimek AM3591 adopted 1429
25-Mar-94 Wehrbein-Moore AM4053, Bender AIM596 and Avery-Withem AM4080 adopted. Avery AM4064 pending 1442
25-Mar-94 Avery pending AM4064 p. 1444 adopted. Chambers AM4083 pending 1448
28-Mar-94 Coordsen FA473 printed 1470
28-Mar-94 Avery motion to reconsider AM3596 laid over 1471
29-Mar-94 Avery-Schimek AM4098 printed 1529
30-Mar-94 Bernard-Stevens AM4200 to AM4083 printed 1592
31-Mar-94 Bernard-Stevens pending AM4200 p. 1592 withdrawn. Chambers pending AM4083 p. 1448 lost. Avery pending motion p. 1471 lost 1675
31-Mar-94 Avery-Abboud-Schimek AM4268 adopted. Dierks FA516 and FA517 lost 1679
06-Apr-94 Dierks request to substitute amendment prevailed. Dierks FA522 withdrawn. Schimek substitute AM4361 adopted. Coordsen pending FA473 p. 1470 and Avery-Schimek pending AM4098 p. 1529 withdrawn. Advanced for Engrossment 1759
11-Apr-94 Correctly Engrossed. ER7454 change 1851
14-Apr-94 Final Reading 39-2-8 2055
14-Apr-94 President signed 2058
14-Apr-94 Presented to Governor (4/14) 2061
15-Apr-94 Approved by Governor (4/15) 2139
Chronology, LB 76A (1994)
Introduced by Schimek, Withem
Date Action Journal
3-Mar-94 Read first time. Placed on General File 1010
15-Mar-94 Advanced for Review 1208
23-Mar-94 Placed on Select File 1365
6-Apr-94 Schimek AM3967 adopted. Advanced for Engrossment 1764
11-Apr-94 Correctly Engrossed 1851
14-Apr-94 Final Reading 40-4-9 2057
14-Apr-94 President signed 2058
14-Apr-94 Presented to Governor (4/14) 2061
15-Apr-94 Approved by Governor (4/15) 2139