Debate Transcripts

LB 1310 (1994)

General File

March 11, 1994


SENATOR HALL:  LB 1068 is advanced to E & R Initial.  While we are moving to the next bill, Senator Cudaback has a guest under the north balcony, Dee Hudson from Gothenburg, Nebraska.  Would you please stand and be recognized by the Legislature.  Thank you for coming.  Mr. Clerk, LB 1310.


CLERK:  LB 1310, Mr..  President, introduced by the Education Committee.  (Read title.) The bill was introduced on January 20, referred to the Education Committee, advanced to General File.  There are committee amendments pending.  (See AM3086 found on page 669 of the Legislative Journal.)


SENATOR HALL:  Senator Bohlke, to open on the committee amendments.


SENATOR BOHLKE:  Mr. Speaker, members, this is truly a technical bill, housekeeping bill, from the Education Committee.  As you heard, the first thing that it does is the budget filing deadlines and related dates are harmonized for consistency with LB 734.  Number two, the outdated references to Class I districts which are neither affiliated or part of a Class VI are deleted.  Number three, a requirement that the Department of Education collect information on wages paid to substitute teachers is deleted.  There is no definition of wages paid and the data is not utilized.  An outdated reference to nonresident high school tuition students is also deleted.  Number four, the due date for verification and inspection of school buses is changed from October 1 to July 31.  Number five, the effective date of a merger of a Class III school district shall be June 1 rather than June 15, to be consistent with other school reorganization statutes.  Number six, the Nebraska Provisional




March 11, 1994


Rural Elementary Certificate is repealed.  This provision was a grandperson provision for Class teachers who did not hold a baccalaureate degree when the law was changed in 1976 to require such a degree as a prerequisite for holding a certificate to teach school in Nebraska.  The amendment that you will be hearing shortly will deal with number seven.  Number eight, repeals a provision that school districts, this is my favorite, that school districts for services from Educational Service Units be on forms prescribed by the Commissioner of Education.  The department does not have such a form, and number nine deletes references to filing of school district budgets with the department under the Tax Equity and Educational Opportunities Act.  That is-in detail the technical bill and I recommend its adoption.


SENATOR HALL:  Thank you, Senator Bohlke.  Any discussion on the adoption of the committee amendments?  Seeing none, Senator Bohlke waives closing on the committee amendments.  The question is the adoption of the committee amendments.  All in favor vote aye, opposed nay.  Have you all voted?  Record, Mr. Clerk.


CLERK:  27 ayes, 0 nays, Mr. President, on the adoption of committee amendments.


SENATOR HALL:  Committee amendments are adopted.  Next item on the bill.


CLERK:  Senator Bohlke would move to amend by striking Section 9.


SENATOR HALL:  Senator Bohlke to open on the amendment.


SENATOR BOHLKE:  I'll withdraw that amendment at this time.


SENATOR HALL:  The amendment is withdrawn.  Anything further, Mr. Clerk?


CLERK:  Nothing further on the bill, Mr. President.


SENATOR HALL:  Is there any discussion on the motion to advance LB 1310 to E & R Initial?  Seeing none, Senator Bohlke to close.  She waives closing.  The question is the advancement to E & R Initial.  All those in favor vote aye, opposed nay.  Have you all voted?  Record, Mr. Clerk.




March 11, 1994


CLERK:  26 ayes, 0 nays, Mr. President, on the advancement of LB 1310.


SENATOR HALL:  The bill is advanced.  While we're moving to the next item, Senator Hudkins has guests under the south balcony.  From Waterloo, Al Mumm, Linda and Alyson Mumm, and Pastor Carol Taylor from Yutan, Nebraska.  Would you please stand and be recognized by the Legislature.  Thank you for coming.  Mr. Clerk, LB 900.