Chronology, LB 1310 (1994)
Introduced by Education Committee
Date Action Journal
20-Jan-94 Read first time 417
24-Jan-94 Referred to Committee on Education 451
01-Feb-94 Notice of hearing (2/8) 555
09-Feb-94 Placed on General File - Com AM3086 669
25-Feb-94 Speaker priority bill 875
11-Mar-94 Committee AM3086 adopted. Advanced for Review 1164
22-Mar-94 Placed on Select File - AM5709 1293
22-Mar-94 Bohlke AM3855 printed 1308
29-Mar-94 Bohlke AM4157 printed 1553
29-Mar-94 Wickersham-Jones AM3798 printed 1561
08-Apr-94 AM5709 (E & R) adopted. Bohlke request to substitute amendment prevailed. Bohlke pending AM3855 p. 1308 withdrawn. Bohlke substitute AM4253 adopted. Bohlke pending AM4157 p. 1553, Wickersham-Jones pending AM3798 p. 1561, and Withem FA541 withdrawn. Advanced for Engrossment 1828
11-Apr-94 Correctly Engrossed 1903
11-Apr-94 ER7467 change 1904
13-Apr-94 Rasmussen motion to suspend rules prevailed 2017
13-Apr-94 Final Reading w/E 44-1-4 2048
13-Apr-94 Speaker signed 2050
14-Apr-94 Presented to Governor (4/13) 2054
21-Apr-94 Approved by Governor (4/19) 2149