Bill Summary, LB 348 (1993)


LB 348 was the State Department of Education’s (NDE’s) “clean-up” bill for 1993.  The bill provides technical changes in the areas of special education, enrollment option, early childhood education, student personnel services, and state aid.


LB 348 clarifies voting rights in certain affiliated school districts by categorizing the voters of a high school district and an affiliated Class I district as a “combined voting unit” for purposes of voting on the approval of capital additions to, or the replacement or construction of, high school facilities.  The bond levy necessary to redeem any bonds issued pursuant to this section is prorated to reflect the projected student utilization of the planned facilities.


The bill also applies a “common levy” in affiliated school districts to finance the estimated costs of removal of environmental hazards and physical barriers at any of the high school facilities within the affiliated districts pursuant to the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).  Under this provision, each local school board within an affiliated district estimates the amount of money it will need to bring its school into compliance with ADA-imposed mandates.  These amounts are then added together to determine total ADA-related costs, and the appropriate levy is applied to all property within the affiliated district to generate revenue sufficient to meet the total anticipated cost. The levy for affiliated Class I districts must be prorated to reflect the projected student utilization of the facility following renovations.


LB 348 passed with the emergency clause 47-0 and was approved by the Governor on June 10, 1993.