Bill Summary, LB 719 (1992)


LB 719 was a comprehensive education bill.


LB 719 permitted the transfer of up to 640 acres of land from a Class I or II school district to another school district upon the approval of at least 65 percent of the membership of each school board involved in the transfer.


The bill extended the hold-harmless provisions of the Tax Equity and Educational Opportunities Support Act through the 1994-95 academic year and established a rapid growth enrollment clause in the state-aid formula.  A school district which certifies to the State Department of Education by June 15 of the current year that its average daily membership exceeds the average daily membership of the prior year by 25 students and by more than one percent will have its increased average daily membership factored into the state-aid formula one year earlier.  The increased average daily membership cannot be attributable to reorganization.


LB 719 also provided an exception to the school district budget limitation for any school district which demonstrates to the State Board of Education that it will exceed its allowable growth rate because of an order from the Commission of Industrial Relations establishing rates of pay, benefits, or other terms and conditions of employment; a contested, but settled, contract dispute, claim, breach, or uninsured risk; or any final judgment requiring or obligating the school district to pay.


LB 719 was passed by a vote of 40-9-0 and was approved by the Governor on April 17, 1992.