Debate Transcripts

LB 719 (1992)

Final Reading

April 14, 1992


PRESIDENT MOUL:  LB 672 passes.  I would like to call the senators' attention ion to the south balcony.  Special guests today of Senator Rod Johnson are 36 fifth graders from Doniphan Elementary with their teachers and principal.  Would you please rise and be recognized.  Welcome to the Chamber this morning.  Also, the cinnamon rolls being distributed by the Pages now were baked especially for you by the Benson Bakery in honor of Senator Will's birthday which is Thursday, April 16.  Best wishes, congratulations to Senator Will.  While the Legislature is in session and capable of conducting business, I proposed to sign and do sign LR 428, LR 437, LR 435, LR 434, LR 433, LR 432, LR 431, LR 427, LR 426, LR 425, LR 424, LR 423, and LR 422.  We'll proceed with LB 719.


CLERK:  (Read LB 719 on Final Reading.)


PRESIDENT MOUL:  All provisions of law relative to procedure having been complied with, the question is, shall LB 719 pass?  All those in favor please vote aye, opposed nay.  Have you all voted?  Please record, Mr. Clerk.


CLERK:  (Read record vote as found on pages 2249-50 of the Legislative Journal.) 40 ayes, 9 nays, Madam President.


PRESIDENT MOUL:  LB 719 passes.  LB 835.