Chronology, LB 719 (1992)
Introduced by Withem
Date Action Journal
23-Jan-91 Read first time 350
28-Jan-91 Referred to Committee on Education 415
1-Feb-91 Notice of hearing (3/11) 509
6-Mar-91 Withem AM0574 and AM0575 printed separate 943
19-Mar-91 Speaker Baack priority bill 1150
26-Mar-91 Placed on General File - Com AM0873 (printed separate) 1340
17-Apr-91 Baack AM1306 to committee AM0873 printed 16??
18-Apr-91 Schrock-Schellpeper AM1259 to committee AM0873 printed 1706
18-Apr-91 Dierks AM 1350 and Hefner AM 1342 to committee AM0873 printed. Ashford-Horgan-Rasmussen AM1341 to AM 1306 printed 1720
18-Apr-91 Lynch AM1345 to committee AM0873 printed 1723
18-Apr-91 Withem AM 1346 to committee AM0873 printed 1724
18-Apr-91 Lynch-Withem AM1339 to committee AM0873 printed 1725
22-Apr-91 Withem request to substitute amendment prevailed. Withem pending AM 1346 p. 1724 withdrawn. Withem substitute AM 1381 to committee AM0873 adopted. Withem AM1322 (on file) to committee AM0873 adopted. Withem AM1373 to AM1322 adopted. Baack pending AM1306 p. 1696, Schrock-Schellpeper pending AM 1259 p. 1706, Dierks pending AM 1350 p. 1720. Ashford et al pending AM1341 p. 1720, and Hefner pending AM1342 p. 1720 to committee AM0873 adopted. Lynch pending AM1345 p. 1723 to committee AM0873 pending 1740
22-Apr-91 Committee AM0873 adopted as amended by Lynch pending AM 1345 p. 1723, Lynch-Withem pending AM 1339 p. 1725, Wickersham AM1370, Schimek AM1379, Dierks FA109, and Moore FA110. Schrock-Dierks AM 1354 and Lamb AM1393 lost. Conway FA111, Withem pending AM0574 and AM0575 p. 943 withdrawn. Advanced for Review 1746
22-Apr-91 Beutler AM1302 printed 1757
22-Apr-91 Beutler AM1406 printed 1761
22-Apr-91 Hall AM1395 printed 1767
23-Apr-91 Baack AM1304 printed separate 1779
7-May-91 Placed on Select File - AM5130 (printed separate) 1941
7-May-91 Nelson AM1518 to AM5130 printed 1957
7-May-91 Will AM1577 to AM5130 printed 1972
8-May-91 Schrock AM1641 to AM5130 printed 1995
10-May-91 Withem AM1719 to AM5130 printed 2072
13-May-91 Withem AM1422 to AM5130 printed 2098
13-May-91 Hefner AM1763 to AM1658 printed 2106
14-May-91 Lynch AM 1840 to AM5130 printed 2149
15-May-91 Beutler AM1430 to AM5130 printed 2185
15-May-91 Beutler-Withem AM1900 to AM5130 printed 2194
20-May-91 Cudaback AM1875 to AM5130 printed 2297
22-May-91 Hartnett AM2063 to AM5130 printed 2422
23-May-91 Withem AM2014 printed separate 2487
29-May-91 Byars AM2174 to AM2014 printed 2611
3-Jun-91 Lamb AM2286 printed 2803
4-Jun-91 AM5130 (E & R) adopted. Beutler pending AM1302 p. 1757, Hall pending AM1395 p. 1767, Baack pending AM1304 p. 1779, Nelson pending AM1518 p. 1957, Schrock pending AM1641 p. 1995, Withem pending AM1719 p. 2072 and AM1422 p. 2098, Hefner pending AM 1763 p. 2106, Lynch pending AM1840 p. 2149, Beutler-Withem pending AM 1900 p. 2194, Cudaback pending AM1875 p. 2297, Withem pending AM2014 p. 2487, Hartnett pending AM2063 p. 2422, Byars pending AM2174 p. 2611 and Will pending AM 1577 p. 1972 withdrawn. Lamb motion to suspend rules to permit consideration of AM2286 prevailed. Lamb pending AM2286 p. 2803 adopted. Passed over 2863
4-Jun-91 Lamb name added 2868
8-Jan-92 Title 57
31-Mar-92 Lamb AM3690 printed 1726
1-Apr-92 Lamb AM3762 printed 1788
1-Apr-92 Baack AM3905 to AM3762 printed 1824
1-Apr-92 Wickersham AM3891 printed 1833
1-Apr-92 Warner-Dierks AM3912 (on file) printed 1850
2-Apr-92 Lamb pending AM3690 p. 1726 withdrawn. Lamb motion to suspend rules to consider AM3762 prevailed. Bernard-Stevens request for division of question on Lamb AM3762 sustained. Lamb FA355 pending. Hall FA357 to FA355 lost 1855
2-Apr-92 Hall FA358 to FA355 lost. Lamb pending FA355 p. 1856 and FA354 adopted. Lamb FA356 pending 1862
7-Apr-92 Lynch AM3712 printed 2018
8-Apr-92 Lamb pending FA356 p. 1866 adopted. Wickersham pending AM3891 p. 1833 and Warner-Dierks pending AM3912 p. 1850 withdrawn. Conway AM3932 pending 2077
8-Apr-92 Beutler pending AM1406 p. 1761 and AM1430 p. 2185, First Session, withdrawn 2092
8-Apr-92 Conway pending AM3932 p. 2079 lost as amended by Conway AM4256. Lynch pending AM3712 p. 2018 adopted. Robinson FA394 lost. Lindsay FA385 pending 2093
8-Apr-92 Lindsay pending FA385 p. 2097 lost. Withem motion to reconsider FA356 p. 1866 withdrawn. Baack motion to reconsider FA385 prevailed. Lindsay reconsidered FA385 p. 2097 adopted. Ashford AM4270 ruled germane and lost. Advanced for Engrossment 2097
9-Apr-92 Correctly Engrossed. ER7171 change 2142
14-Apr-92 Baack motion to suspend rules prevailed 2239
14-Apr-92 Final Reading 40-9-0 2249
14-Apr-92 President signed 2259
14-Apr-92 Presented to Governor (4/14) 2261
20-Apr-92 Approved by Governor (4/17) 2293