Chronology, LB 719A (1992)
Introduced by Withem
Date Action Journal
14-May-91 Read first time. Placed on General File 2139
15-May-91 Advanced for Review 2170
21-May-91 Placed on Select File 2346
8-Jan-92 Title 57
31-Mar-92 Hefner-Lamb-Schellpeper AM3777 printed 1740
31-Mar-92 Warner-Withem AM3798 printed separate 1744
31-Mar-92 Warner-Withem AM3834 printed 1759
1-Apr-92 Lindsay AM3839 to AM3798 printed 1800
1-Apr-92 Warner-Withem AM3914 printed 1823
1-Apr-92 Crosby AM3908 to AM3798 printed 1830
1-Apr-92 Moore AM3918 to AM3834 printed 1841
2-Apr-92 Lamb, AM3935 to AM0798 printed 1882
3-Apr-92 Hefner motion to suspend rules to permit consideration of AM3777 prevailed. Hefner et al pending AM3777 p. 1740 adopted. Warner motion to suspend rules to permit consideration of AM3798 prevailed. Warner-Withem pending AM3799 p. 1744 pending. Lindsay pending AM3839 p. 1800, Crosby pending AM3908 p. 1830, and Landis AM3922 to AM798 adopted. Pending 1906
3-Apr-92 L. Johnson AM3924 to AM3798 adopted. Schmit AM3936 and AM3937 to AM3798 lost. Lamb pending AM3935 p. 1882 withdrawn. Pending 1923
3-Apr-92 Robinson AM4008 to AM798 adopted. Hall AM4001 (on file) sustained division of question. Hall FA363 (on file) to AM3798 adopted. Hall FA364 (on file) and Cudaback AM3987 withdrawn. Warner-Withem pending AM3798 p. 1744 adopted as amended. Pending 1931
3-Apr-92 Warner-Withem pending AM3834 p. 1759 pending. Moore AM3918 p. 1841 to AM3834 lost 1935
3-Apr-92 Wickersham-Nelson FA365 printed 1940
3-Apr-92 Wesely AM4030 to AM3798 printed 1942
6-Apr-92 Wickersham AM3988, Moore AM4021 and Schmit-Hefner AM4014 lost. Warner-Withem pending AM3834 p. 1759 adopted. Warner-Withem request to substitute amendment prevailed. Warner-Withem pending AM3914 p. 1823 withdrawn. Warner substitute AM4010 adopted. Pending 1952
6-Apr-92 Nelson-Wickersham pending FA365 p. 1940 and Warner AM4044 adopted. Advanced for Engrossment 1962
7-Apr-92 Correctly Engrossed. ER7168 change 2030
13-Apr-92 Baack -motion to suspend rules prevailed. Wesely motion to return to Select File for pending AM4030 p. 1943 withdrawn. Failed on Final Reading w/E 32-13-4 2213
13-Apr-92 Final Reading 32-13-4 2215
13-Apr-92 Correctly Enrolled. President signed 2218
13-Apr-92 Attorney General's Opinion #92060 to Schmit 2226
13-Apr-92 Robinson motion to reconsider vote on Final Reading prevailed. Final Reading w/E 33-9-7 2229
13-Apr-92 Correctly Re-Enrolled. President signed 2231
14-Apr-92 Presented to Governor (4/13) 2238
20-Apr-92 Approved by Governor (4/15) 2287