Bill Summary, LB 245 (1992)


LB 245 created the Nebraska Schools Accountability Commission.  Members of the commission represent the Governor’s office, teachers, school administrators, school boards, parents, business and industry, and agriculture.  The commission will assist in the development of an accountability system to measure student performance in the public school system.


The accountability system will be completed in two phases.  During the first phase (September 1992 to September 1994), the commission will develop broad curriculum frameworks and standards for learner outcomes.  Local school boards will be responsible for the content of the instructional programs within the curriculum frameworks.  During the second phase (May 1993 to May 1996), the commission and the State Department of Education may collaborate with other states or with a multistate consortium to develop an assessment system to measure the progress of students in achieving statewide goals.


The accountability system will be completed by July 1, 1996, at which time the commission will cease to exist.  The State Board of Education and the Legislature may then choose to pursue appropriate practice, rule, and law changes to implement all or part of the commission’s recommendations.


LB 245 was passed by a vote of 33-10-6 and was approved by the Governor on April 15, 1992.