Chronology, LB 1063 (1992)
Introduced by Warner, Landis, Withem, at the request of the Governor
Date Action Journal
13-Jan-92 Read first time 276
14-Jan-92 Referred to Committee on Revenue 297
22-Jan-92 Notice of hearing (1/31) 429
21-Feb-92 Baack motion to place on General File laid over 948
26-Feb-92 Baack pending motion p. 948 prevailed. Placed on General File 1005
26-Feb-92 Warner-Withem-Landis AM3048 (on file) printed 1009
26-Feb-92 Moore AM3138 printed 1012
26-Feb-92 R. Johnson AM3097 printed 1022
27-Feb-92 Hefner AM3158, and Hall FA280 and FA281 to AM3048 printed 1040
27-Feb-92 Hall FA282 to AM3048 and Lamb AM3151 printed 1041
27-Feb-92 Hefner AM3167 printed and Hall FA284 to AM3048 printed 1056
27-Feb-92 Hall FA285 to AM3048 printed 1057
3-Mar-92 Moore AM3189 printed 1068
3-Mar-92 Hall AM3201 lost. Pending 1075
3-Mar-92 Hall pending FA280 p. 1040 and FA285 p. 1057 withdrawn. Hall pending FA281 p. 1040, Hall pending FA284 p. 1056, and Hefner AM3210 to AM3048 lost. Pending 1079
3-Mar-92 Wickersham AM3172 withdrawn. Elmer FA288 lost. Pending 1085
3-Mar-92 Hall pending FA282 p. 1041 withdrawn. R. Johnson AM3240 to AM3048 ruled not germane. R. Johnson motion to suspend rules to permit consideration of AM3240 pending 1088
3-Mar-92 Hillman AM3245 to AM3048 printed 1092
4-Mar-92 R. Johnson pending motion p. 1092 lost. Pending 1108
4-Mar-92 Warner-Baack-Kristensen-R. Johnson-Bernard-Stevens-Wehrbein- Landis-Withem-Conway AM3246 (on file) to AM3048 ruled germane. Challenge of Chair withdrawn. Pending 1114
4-Mar-92 Hall request for division of question on AM3246 sustained. Warner et al FA289 to AM3048 adopted. Warner et al FA290 ruled germane to AM3048 -- Hall challenge of Chair lost. Haberman request for ruling ruled out of order. Warner et al FA290 to AM3048 adopted. Pending 1116
4-Mar-92 Cudaback explanation of vote. Warner et al FA291 to AM3048 adopted 1134
4-Mar-92 Warner AM3257 and AM3252 to AM3048 adopted. Warner et al pending AM3048 p. 1009 adopted as amended. Pending 1149
5-Mar-92 Moore pending AM3138 p. 1012, R. Johnson pending AM3097 p. 1022, Hefner pending AM3158 p. 1040 and AM3167 p. 1056, Lamb pending AM3151 p. 1041, and Moore pending AM3189 p. 1068 withdrawn. Elmer AM3218 (on file) lost. Coordsen FA293 pending 1157
5-Mar-92 Coordsen pending FA293 p. 1159 lost. Hall-Schmit motion to indefinitely postpone lost. Advanced for Review 1161
5-Mar-92 Expedited 1164
5-Mar-92 Moore AM3276 printed 1169
5-Mar-92 Wickersham AM3266 to AM3048 printed 1177
5-Mar-92 Wickersham AM3272 printed 1178
6-Mar-92 Lamb AM3199 to AM3048 and Warner AM3275 printed 1196
6-Mar-92 Placed on Select File - AM5267 (printed separate) 1203
9-Mar-92 AM5267 (E & R) adopted. Hillman pending AM3245 p. 1092 lost. Pending 1211
9-Mar-92 Moore pending AM3276 p. 1169 passed over. Moore AM3296 lost. Pending 1213
9-Mar-92 Wickersham request to substitute amendment prevailed. Wickersham pending AM3266 p. 1177 withdrawn. Wickersham substitute AM3294 to AM5267 adopted. Withem FA302 withdrawn. Wickersham pending AM3272 p. 1178 lost. Lamb request to substitute amendment prevailed. Lamb pending AM3199 p. 1196 withdrawn. Lamb substitute AM3292 to AM5267 adopted. Point of order – Warner pending AM3275 p. 1196 ruled germane and withdrawn. Lynch FA303, Wickersham AM3300, Schmit AM3365, and AM3328 lost. Pending 1225
9-Mar-92 Moore pending AM3276 p. 1169 and Schmit AM3329 withdrawn. Hall-Moore AM3299 (on file) pending 1240
9-Mar-92 Hall-Moore pending AM3299 p. 1241 lost. Lindsay-Lamb AM3371 adopted. Schmit FA304 withdrawn. Pending 1242
9-Mar-92 Schmit AM3310 to AM5267 pending 1251
9-Mar-92 Schmit pending AM3310 p. 1251 lost. Schmit AM3309 to AM5267 pending 1252
9-Mar-92 Schmit pending AM3309 p. 1253 lost. Pending 1253
10-Mar-92 Schmit AM3316 to AM5267 lost. Pending 1261
10-Mar-92 Schmit AM3317 to AM5267 pending 1262
10-Mar-92 Schmit pending AM3317 p. 1262, AM3315, and AM3313 lost. Pending 1263
10-Mar-92 Schmit AM3311, FA306 and AM3318 lost. Dierks AM3360 (on file) withdrawn. Withem-Landis motion to reconsider AM3371 p. 1243 prevailed. Point of order -- Schmit challenge of Chair withdrawn. Withem motion to suspend rules and vote on AM3371 without debate prevailed. Lindsay-Lamb reoffered AM3371 p. 1243 adopted as amended by Landis-Coordsen FA307. Warner motion to invoke cloture prevailed. Hall motion to reconsider amendment ruled out of order. Hall motion to overrule Chair lost. Hall and Withem points of order. Moore motion to reconsider cloture motion ruled out of order. Lindsay point of order. Advanced for Engrossment 1265
10-Mar-92 Correctly Engrossed 1273
10-Mar-92 ER7156 change 1274
10-Mar-92 Moore AM3441 to AM5267 printed 1275
11-Mar-92 Cudaback AM3459 printed 1301
12-Mar-92 Baack motion to suspend rules and permit consideration on Final Reading prevailed. Moore request for division of question ruled out of order 1308
12-Mar-92 Baack motion to suspend ruler, and vote without debate prevailed 1309
12-Mar-92 Final Reading w/E 33-15-1 1310
12-Mar-92 President signed 1323
17-Mar-92 Presented to Governor (3/12) 1335
18-Mar-92 Approved by Governor (3/18) 1396
Chronology, LB 1063A (1992)
Introduced by Warner
Date Action Journal
9-Mar-92 Read first time. Placed on General File 1250
12-Mar-92 Warner AM3460 printed 1313
1-Apr-92 Warner pending AM3460 p. 1313 adopted. Advanced for Review 1799
2-Apr-92 Placed on Select File 1862
9-Apr-92 Hall-Warner AM4105 printed 2089
9-Apr-92 Warner-Hall pending AM4105 p. 2089 adopted. Advanced for Engrossment 2136
9-Apr-92 Correctly Engrossed 2188
9-Apr-92 ER7174 change 2190
14-Apr-92 Baack motion to suspend rules prevailed 2239
14-Apr-92 Final Reading w/E 43-0-6 2265
14-Apr-92 President signed 2277
14-Apr-92 Presented to Governor (4/14) 2294
20-Apr-92 Approved by Governor (4/17) 2293