Chronology, LB 1001 (1992)
Introduced by Horgan, Lynch, Nelson, Will
Date Action Journal
9-Jan-92 Read first time 202
13-Jan-92 Referred to Committee on Nebraska Retirement Systems 258
17-Jan-92 Notice of hearing (1/28) 372
6-Feb-92 Placed on General File - Com AM2754 702
19-Feb-92 Pirsch priority bill 908
18-Mar-92 Baack AM3526 printed 1384
31-Mar-92 Nelson AM3780 to AM3526 printed 1741
2-Apr-92 Baack AM3934 printed 1868
2-Apr-92 Wickersham AM3951 printed 1874
3-Apr-92 Dierks AM3941 (on file) printed 1906
6-Apr-92 Committee AM2754 lost Baack pending AM3526 p. 1384 adopted as amended by Nelson pending AM3780 p. 1741. Baack pending AM3934 p. 1868, Wickersham pending AM3951 p. 1874, Warner AM3950 (on file), and Wickersham AM3683 adopted. Dierks request to substitute amendment prevailed. Dierks pending AM3941 p. 1906 withdrawn. Dierks substitute AM4066 (on file) and Horgan-Hall AM4017 adopted. Advanced for Review 1968
8-Apr-92 Schellpeper AM3944 printed 2088
8-Apr-92 Placed on Select File - AM5290 (printed separate) 2091
8-Apr-92 Dierks AM4198 to AM5290 printed 2103
8-Apr-92 Landis AM4135 (on file) printed 2115
9-Apr-92 AM5290 (E & R) adopted. Schellpeper pending AM3944 p. 2088, Dierks pending AM4198 p. 2103 and Landis AM4135 p. 2115 withdrawn. Advanced for Engrossment 2141
9-Apr-92 Correctly Engrossed 2188
14-Apr-92 Baack motion to suspend rules prevailed 2239
14-Apr-92 Final Reading w/E 44-0-5 2255
14-Apr-92 President signed 2259
14-Apr-92 Presented to Governor (4/14) 2261
20-Apr-92 Approved by Governor (4/17) 2293