Chronology, LB 511 (1991)
Introduced by Lamb, Dierks, Hefner, Wickersham, Elmer, Warner, Cudaback
Date Action Journal
22-Jan-91 Read first time 291
24-Jan-91 Referred to Committee on Government, Military and Veterans Affairs 393
30-Jan-91 Notice of bearing (2/7) 460
1-Mar-91 Indefinitely postponed 865
1-Mar-91 Lamb motion to place on General File laid over 875
7-Mar-91 Lamb pending motion p. 875 prevailed. Placed on General File 965
13-Mar-91 Lamb priority bill 1049
25-Mar-91 Lamb AM0907 printed separate 1307
26-Mar-91 Morrissey FA75 printed 1341
27-Mar-91 Morrissey AM1004 to AM0907 printed 1378
4-Apr-91 Morrissey FA75 p. 1341 withdrawn. Lamb pending AM0907 p. 1307 pending 1522
5-Apr-91 Lamb pending AM0907 p. 1307 adopted. Conway motion to bracket until 1/15/92 lost. Beutler AM1141 (on file) lost. Pending 1543
5-Apr-91 Morrissey pending AM1004 p. 1378 adopted. Failed to advance for Review 1547
8-Apr-91 Correction 1558
10-Apr-91 Conway AM1205 printed 1612
15-May-91 Conway pending AM 1205 p. 16.12 adopted as amended by Hartnett AM 1868. Morrissey AM1864, Lindsay AM1866, and Wesely AM1888 lost. Advanced for Review 2176
21-May-91 Placed on Select File - AM5163 2346
28-May-91 Lamb AM2122 printed separate 2531
3-Jun-91 AM5163 (E & R) adopted. Lamb pending AM2122 p. 2531 withdrawn. Withem motion to suspend rules to permit consideration of AM2277 prevailed. Withem AM2277 (on file) adopted as amended by Wickersham AM2283, Schrock AM2287 and Beutler AM2292 (ruled germane). Wesely FA211 and Byars FA212 withdrawn. Advanced for Engrossment 2799
3-Jun-91 Correctly Engrossed 2823
3-Jun-91 ER7119 change 2828
5-Jun-91 Baack motion to suspend rules prevailed 2885
5-Jun-91 Final Reading w/E 47-0-2 2892
5-Jun-91 President signed 2898
5-Jun-91 Presented to Governor (6/5) 2901
11-Jun-91 Approved by Governor (6/10) 2947